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Cover Styl’ indoor Architectural wrapping films are designed to realistically recreate the look of natural more expensive construction materials. Instead of replacing furniture or repainting surfaces, why not upgrade the look of your décor with unique, quality finishes. This architectural film can be used on a variety of surfaces and is supplied in 9 catogories with over 470 Colour references. Suitable for application onto walls, ceilings, furniture, doors, elevators, cupboards, counters, and many more…

With Cover Styl’ adhesive film solution, you will get several benefits; unique quality, in material and results; is cost effective, resistant to moisture, heat and humidity; has hard wearing durable finishes; provides a quick and easy upgrade with bubble-free rendering; no major construction disruptions and messy installation.

Cover Styl’ films carry a 10-year guarantee against delamination, cracking, yellowing and other changes in appearance. _

Immerse yourself in the world of  Cover Styl’ and be inspired!

Whatever your style, we got you covered.  _

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